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Who We Are?

Fankaar essentially means an Artist. We are committed to creating spaces that people feel connected to and stimulated by, spaces that enhance experiences and build value for our clients - across all sectors. 

"Our aim is to turn your vision into reality"

  • Established in 1990, servicing clients over 29 years.
  • Completion of 1000+ Projects Pan India.
  • Successful execution of 60+ Hotels.
  • 750+ Corporate Offices & Residential Projects.

We offer a holistic range of interior services with focused competence in quality and design execution.

We Provide 'Total Interior Solutions' & 'Value for Money' Project Experience For Clients

Total Interior Solutions

Choose the right desk or office chairs that combine comfort and style while making the most of your space.

Corporate Office

Right office furniture can make a huge difference to your efficiency. Whether you want contemporary or classic, we have the right interiors for you.

Luxury Appartments

Our extensive kitchen furniture range features a huge selection of cabinets, dining tables, bar stools, dining chairs, and more.

Hotel Public Area

Enjoy your hotel's open-air space with comfort and style in equal measure with our exquisite outdoor interiors.

Banquet Interiors

Indulge in ultimate designer interiors crafted using the highest quality of infrastructure with best look offering the perfect solution for your banquet.

Guestroom Interiors

Get a range of colours, styles and design ideas to choose from as we’ve something for every guestroom in the house or hotel.


What to Know Before You Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture
What to Know Before You Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture

Have you’ve been thinking of buying some teak furniture for your outdoor living space? If yes, then here are a few things that you must consider before you set your eyes on a piece/set to buy.

Old Furniture: Clean, Reupholster or Replace It?
Old Furniture: Clean, Reupholster or Replace It?

Is your old furniture is looking a little lacklustre? If your answer is in the affirmative then you must be exploring the idea of getting it cleaned or reupholstered or simply heading out to the furniture stores to buy something new, Right?

What to Know Before You Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture
How to Judge Good Furniture Quality

‘Not all that shines is gold’ is probably true for furniture also that all that what may visually be very appealing might be poor on quality. This is especially true wherein we see something nice and glossy on a website and order it. We are in for a rude shock when what we had ordered and what has been delivered is right in front of our eyes.

A Buyer's Guide to the Sofa
A Buyer's Guide to the Sofa

So, you’ve just moved into a new house or apartment and you are looking for that perfect sofa to go with the interiors of your new home. But besides the looks there are other elements as well to look into when buying a sofa because it is not something that you change or buy in a hurry.

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